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Welcome to Electrack me.


It is hard for most people to find underground music. We decided to help a little by making a Facebook community.
Soon we realized that Facebook is not flexible enough for the things we liked to do.
For instance its impossible to use play-lists , the search function is not that good, and it’s only one page.
We wanted to make it simple to listen to music that’s posted on the Facebook group, without scrolling down all the time, hitting play after a song stopped etc.
In order to make all these things happen we have made this website: “Electrack me”.

You are all free to join the Facebook community and post your favorite underground music.
With underground we mean music that is not commonly heard on the radio or hyped elsewhere.
So no mainstream music.
If it fits we will add it to one of the play-lists.

Have fun!

The Electrack me crew.




Genres we accept in our play-lists at the moment are:

  • Chill out music (different kinds of music that are perfectly suitable if you want to chill around a bit).
  • Deep-House.
  • Disco.
  • Drum n Bass.
  • Dubstep.
  • Tech-House.
  • Techno.
  • Tekkno / Schranz.

We are open to other kinds of music,
if there are enough people that want us to add a new play-list with an other genre we will.